Science Saturdays


Science Saturday at the LBIF tackles today’s most pressing scientific, environmental, and sustainability issues that directly affect our shore community and the Barnegat Bay. Science Saturdays are interactive and informative hands-on presentations in an informal atmosphere. Fee: $5, Free to LBIF Members.


Presentation Follow Up

Let’s keep the discussion going! Here you can find information from past Science Saturday talks.

January 21

Presenter: Louise Wootton, Ph.D. Chair of Biology, Director of Sustainability, Georgian Court University

Dunes help protect our coastal communities from flooding and storm damage.  Dr. Wootton will discuss her research and you will gain knowledge and insight on the importance of dunes and natural dune communities. Commonly asked questions about dune restoration will be answered

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January 28

Presenter: Michelle Stantial, Ph.D. Student, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Piping plovers nest along the Atlantic coast from Newfoundland to North Carolina, they were placed on the endangered species list in 1986 because of increasing habitat loss and predation pressures. Michelle will teach you about the life history of piping plovers, current research initiatives, their status on LBI, and what you can do to help in the conservation effort!

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February 4


John Wnek, Supervisor and Research Coordinator, MATES, Project Terrapin

MATES Project Terrapin has been researching terrapins and conservation in the Barnegat Bay for 15 years. Meet some local species, learn about their habitat and the role you can have in reducing their mortality. This adult presentation is in addition to the morning kids-format lecture at 10am.

Follow up:

February 11

Presenter: Keith Watson, Project Manager, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Philadelphia District + Jeff Gebert, Hurricane Sandy Planning Technical Expert, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Philadelphia District

The United States Army Corps of Engineers has a long history of working on Long Beach Island dating back to the 1800’s. Most residents and visitors are familiar with the ongoing effort to build dunes on the oceanfront, but the Corps has been involved in projects at Barnegat Inlet for nearly 200 years. Keith & Jeff will enlighten you with the science behind the Corps work to build dunes and the history of their work in the inlet.

Follow up:

February 18

Presenter: Karter Larson, Viking Village and Larson Puskas Fisheries Partnership + Ian Smith, Culinary Teacher, OCTVS

Viking Village in Barnegat Light is one of the east coast’s most productive commercial fishing seaports. Join us for this Bay to Table conversation. Karter will tell many entertaining tales, you will learn how your favorite fish is harvested in the Atlantic Ocean.  Ian will teach you how to prepare the fresh seafood you catch with hands-on cooking demonstrations and delicious samples to enjoy.

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February 25

Ryan Rebozo, Ph.D. Director of Conservation Science, Pinelands Preservation Alliance

New Jersey contains over 1 million acres of pine barren habitat, and is considered a UNESCO biosphere reserve.  Ryan discussed the things that make this system unique and how the Pine Barrens serve as headwaters for many streams and rivers draining into Barnegat Bay.

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March 4

Presenter: Jason Kelsey, Teacher, Marine Academy of Technology and Environmental Science (MATES)

**Dress to be outdoors! Jason will begin with a talk of the ecosystem of coastal wetlands and marshes, their productivity and importance. You will learn about the natural history of our salt marshes and the creatures that call it home, such as fluke, blue claws, and osprey.  He will then lead you on a guided marsh walk at the LBIF, where you will observe marsh hydrology and animal life.

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March 11

Presenter: Dave Werner, Science Instructor, MATES; Adjunct Faculty, Stockton University

Dave will lead an integrated study of the culture, history and environment associated with coastal beaches. We will consider scientific, historical, economic, artistic, recreational, and political perspectives on the ocean’s beaches and the human developments and endeavors these landforms have spawned. We will explore a comparative study of East Coast beaches, shore communities, and resorts.

Follow up:

March 18

Presenter(s): Sue Puder, President, Southern Ocean Birding Group (SOBG) Linda Gangi, Board Member Southern Ocean Birding Group (SOBG)

Sue and Linda introduced you to the world of raptors or birds of prey. Their discussion was geared to help you identify the various birds of prey that are native to New Jersey and especially LBI. You can always enjoy close views of our resident ospreys from our seasonal osprey viewing blind!

Follow up:

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