Science Saturdays


Science Saturday at the LBIF tackles today’s most pressing scientific, environmental, and sustainability issues that directly affect our shore community and the Barnegat Bay. Science Saturdays are interactive and informative hands-on presentations in an informal atmosphere.

Time: 11:00am – 12:30pm (*Family Program on February 3rd begins at 10:00am)
Fee: $5, Free to LBIF Members!

Check Out the 2018 Schedule Below!

> January 13 – Is That a Tick on You?

Presenter: James Occi, Center for Vector Biology, Department of Entomology 

How many species of tick are present in NJ? What are the major/important species? How do ticks feed & where do they live? Do they transmit any microbes when they feed? Are there ticks on LBI? Jim will answer all of these questions and more during his presentation!

> January 20 – Things You Did Not Know That Clams and Shellfish Were Doing to Help the Bay

Presenter: Rick Bushnell, President, ReClam the Bay

Did you know that shellfish have a lot more to offer the environment than just filtering the water? ReClam the Bay has been in the forefront of sustainability and shoreline stabilization projects. In fact, RCTB even helps Pinelands and Ship Bottom Breweries make some really great brews! Find out about some really neat RCTB projects up and down the bay.

> January 27 – Osprey in Belize!

Presenter: Ben Wurst, Habitat Program Manager, Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ

Join Ben Wurst, Habitat Program Manager for Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ, as he discusses his perspectives as a North American Biologist and his participation in a survey of the southern most nesting Ospreys in the Western Hemisphere. We’ll also get an update on our couple of Ospreys nesting here on the LBIF marsh!

> February 3 – Family Program: “Turtles of the Barnegat Bay Watershed” & Adult Program: “Bottoms Up: Retrieving Ghosts of the Past for a Safer Barnegat Bay”

Presenter: John Wnek, Marine Academy of Technology and Environmental Science, and Project Terrapin

Family Program 10 am – 11 am Bring your family to meet and interact with some of our local turtle species up close and personal, like the Northern Diamondback Terrapin. and Adult Program 11 am – 12:30 pm Dr. Wnek will focus on the continuing efforts to retrieve derelict fishing gear from Barnegat Bay with updates regarding bycatch, and a recent crab pot survey on LBI.

> February 10 – Commercial Fishing & Cooking Fresh Seafood

Presenters: Karter Larson, Viking Village and Larson Puskas Fisheries Partnership + Ian Smith, Culinary Teacher, OCTVS

Did you know that Viking Village in Barnegat Light is one of the East Coast’s most productive commercial fishing seaports? Join us for this bay to table conversation. Karter Larson will tell many entertaining tales while you learn how your favorite fish is harvested from the Atlantic Ocean. Chef Ian Smith will teach you how to prepare the fresh seafood you buy or catch with hands-on cooking demonstrations and delicious samples to enjoy.

> February 17 – Where Do the Birds Go? – Tracking Them With Tiny Radio Transponders

Presenter: Jenny Uehling, PhD Student. Cornell University Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Understanding bird movement and migration using citizen science and tracking technologies. Do you ever watch shorebirds take flight off the beach and wonder where they are headed next? Have you ever noticed a shorebird with a green flag or antenna and wondered where it came from? Jennifer will discuss the different species of shorebirds that use the NJ coastline, as well as her work tracking their movement and migration as a PhD student at Cornell. Come learn about the different ways we can track these movements, from eBird and flag resighting to solar-powered radio tags!

> February 24 – Building a Green Home – How You Can Help the Environment

Presenter: Ben Cilley, Instructor, Academy of Law and Public Safety & Nature Studies Instructor, LBIF Summer Camp

Science teacher Ben Cilley brings the wonder of the environment to kids at LBIF in the summer, but in the winter he will join us to explain how to make your house more environmentally friendly. Ben explores a variety of construction techniques and technologies that can be used to reduce the environmental impact of your new or existing home with both high and low tech ideas to fit any budget.

> March 3 – Coastal Resiliency: Ways to Protect our Beaches and Bays

Presenter: Amy Williams, Post Doctoral Associate, Davidson Laboratory, Stevens Institute of Technology, and New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium’s Coastal Ecosystems Extension Agency 

Did you know that many scientists throughout NJ are working together to create more resilient ecosystems? Learn about the different types of living shoreline projects that increase ecological benefits while combating destructive erosion. Dr. Williams will explain the efforts being conducted by New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium, Stevens Institute of Technology, and the New Jersey Coastal Resiliency Collaborative through grants and citizen science networks.

> March 10 – Striped Bass Bonus Program

Presenter: Brendan Harrison, Fisheries Technician, NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife, Bureau of Marine Fisheries

Striped bass is one of the most sought-after recreational fish species in NJ. Join us for an overview of the NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife’s Striped Bass Bonus Program, which allows anglers to participate in the management process while enjoying their favorite pastime. Learn about the program, its history, and how you can participate. Mr. Harrison will also discuss the other programs and fieldwork conducted by Division staff that help conserve one of NJ’s most prized fisheries.

> March 17 – Twelve Months of Birds

Presenters: Susan Puder, Founder & President, Southern Ocean Birding Group + Greg Prelich, Naturalist with Ocean City Parks & Member of Southern Ocean Birding Group

Susan Puder, a premier photographer of birds, is joined by Greg Prelich to present a fun and informative interactive lecture where they will discuss what birds can be found in Southern New Jersey every month of the year. This program is for both new and experienced birders. It is designed to help you decide when and where to go to find hundreds of bird species, whether you bird watch year round or only a few times a year.

> March 24 – Tracking the Alpha Predator – Sharks!
Presenter: TBD
There is so much we do not understand about sharks but we are learning. By using new technologies, we are tracking the different species and learning more and more each day. This session will tell you how to track sharks online and create your own “Shark World.” Come learn how to use your computer from home to explore the ocean online. Speaker TBD.


> April 7 – Flooding in Coastal Areas of New Jersey
Presenter: Chris Huch, Adjunct Professor, Stockton University

Coastal areas in NJ are subject to flooding. What are the sources of that flooding and how is flooding likely to change in the future? Learn about past, current, and future flood risks and what they mean for NJ’s coastal residents.

> April 14 – Invertebrates of Barnegat Light
Presenter: Capt. Alex Majewski, Lighthouse Sportfishing, LLC, and LBIF Science Committee Member
Everyone knows Barnegat Bay is home to clams, oysters, and blue crabs. What you might not know is that the bay is also home to numerous other fascinating invertebrates like the mantis shrimp, comb jellies, and more! Alex will show you the many other invertebrates Barnegat Bay has to offer.

> April 21 – Earth Day Plant Sale – Native Plants: Learn About Them… Buy Them

There is true beauty in native planting. These plants are resilient, help the environment, and are easier to maintain! But you need to know what goes where and why. This is the ultimate “make and take”. We will have several sessions to explain the plants and planting as well has having live plants for sale. You will learn about valuable planting guides and other information available online.

> April 28 – The Ocean’s Impact on LBI’s Weather
Presenter: Jonathan Carr, Founder and Forecaster, Weather NJ
Did you know that LBI is subject to its own unique micro-climate due to marine influence? The ocean has tremendous impact on the year-round weather and climate conditions for LBI. Join us for a comprehensive breakdown of how the Atlantic Ocean specifically influences our weather patterns at the Jersey Shore. Learn about air masses, frontal boundaries, and some of the upper-level physics that govern what happens weather-wise on the surface. Leave this talk a seasoned weather enthusiast who can hold their own in atmospheric synoptic discussion.
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